Sunday, September 26, 2010


This is the animatic for this piece.

New Storyboard and Asset List and Asset Creation

Asset List:
Super Sally (front w/ dress)

Super Sally (front w/ costume)

Super Sally (3/4 w/ dress)

Super Sally (3/4 w/ costume)

Super Sally (back w/ dress)

Super Sally (back w/ costume)

Super Sally (side w/ dress)

Super Sally (side w/ costume)

Monster (front)

Monster (back)

Monster (3/4)

Monster (side)

Squirrel (front)

Squirrel (back)

Squirrel (3/4)

Squirrel (side)

empty playground

outside a public restroom

city (aerial view)

city (street view)

city (high angle)

street level (5 angles)

leaving city sign/road

forest entry point

buildings (normal and destroyed)




fire extinguisher






tentacle (view from under)

tentacle (side)

tentacle (top)

concrete smashed

concrete chewed

flames firing


jet engine

gooey landing

gooey smashing

footsteps on concrete walking

footsteps on concrete running

elevator music

bird chirping

cow mooing

steam/air rush

bonking noise

thin items thrown through air

Asset Creation:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Outline

So, completely changing directions here. New outline. New shit. Yeah.

Focus of the semester is exactly what follows:

Story - a monster is attacking the city. a girl in a super hero costume appears but she has no powers. she uses various methods and tactics to fly and fire at the monster using the stuff around her to achieve her goal of ridding the city of the monster.

theme - belief, believing in ingenuity of the self

moral - keep trying until you get it right

setting - uber generic city, think "townsville"

aesthetic - bobble head, "strongbad", illustrator style

character -
Super Sally
age - 6
hair - blonde
eyes - brown
skin - white
clothes - generic super hero costume
how she thinks - child naivety, believes she can do anything once she's in her costume (the blanket theory, that you're impenetrable once you're covered) and is bold. Is mischievous at times when she tries rotten tactics to achieve her goal. she also shows a fussy side when she doesn't get her way immediately. however, she ends up coming back with a relevant solution once given the opportunity to consider the options.

Goal -
The goal of the piece is to present the idea of human ingenuity, even at a young age. The audience should root for Sally and laugh at her comedic attempts to take down a monster that is clearly overwhelming. Her bravery is naive but should be rewarded with audience respect for her attempts at slaying the beast.

3 Act Story Structure:

Act 1
Intro with a monster roaring, attacking the generic, powerpuff girls style city.
Sally appears in her costume, pointing up at the monster like she's going to stop it. She thrusts her arms forward to fly. Then she puts her hands together to try and make a beam. She pulls down her sunglasses to shoot heat lasers. All of these cause nothing. The audience realizes she has no special abilities.

Act 2

Obstacles -
1) she needs to get high up to fight the monster. she tries multiple objects including holding on to a bird, a fire extinguisher, and taking an elevator when all else fails, taking her to the rooftop nearest the monster.

2) she needs a weapon to fight it. she tries more things such as sticks, throwing the bird at it, a javelin, launching stones via catapult, and finally getting a flamethrower from nowhere and firing at the monster.

First Culmination - The monster is effected by the flamethrower and finally pays attention to her and her efforts. It turns on her and they fight until she runs out of flame.

Midpoint - When she runs out of flame, the monster uses it's tentacle and easily smacks her off the building to which she falls to the ground in wily coyote style fashion. Getting up out of the hole in the street created by her fall, we see her run down numerous streets, the audience unsure of where she is heading to. We see her leave town and go into a grove of trees.

Act 3
Climax - A pounding foot sound can be heard off screen. The monster looks scared at Sally who looks quite pleased. She is riding on top of the head of a giant, mutant, rabid squirrel. The squirrel chases after the tentacle monster through the maze of buildings and eats it.

Denouement - The squirrel comes back and Sally presents it with a giant acorn and it leaves happily with its nut. Sally poses heroically and feels accomplished.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

changes in storyboard

- put climax @ beginning and reveal her character and why she's out for revenge
- flashback after that to show her past, being tortured, how she knows who he is, getting a job, working her way up, and how she gets to the current climax
- finish climax with killing and be selective about choice of where she sends the dvds to
- establish scene locations
- establish why anyone would care about patrick and his position
- work on developing karras - right now she's not well developed. she just seems violent and hollow. make the audience feel for her and fear for her (especially in torture scene) and give her a good reason and good motivation to do what she does
- question how she happens to be at the right place at the right time and know the right people to get to patrick. make her have to work harder for it and not be so simple
- stop fucking it up
- stop screwing it up
- quit being a failure

Assignment for Thursday 9/23

Record and set narration to storyboard and see how it plays out. Change storyboard to make characters more vivid and explore character. Get rid of gratuitous, unnecessary sexual violence. Make it a better plot and stop being a fuck up. Try starting with final scene and then flash back. Right now it's all too fast paced with little filler.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Asset List

- Karras front view (complete rig) (tank/short outfit)

- Karras front view (complete rig) (t-shirt/jeans outfit)

- Karras front view (complete rig) (suit)

- Karras front view (complete rig) (bodice)

- Karras side view (complete rig) (t/s outfit)

- Karras side view (complete rig) (t/j outfit)

- Karras 3/4 view (complete rig) (suit)

- Karras back view (complete rig) (t/s outfit)

- Karras back view (complete rig) (t/j outfit)

- Karras back view (complete rig) (suit)

- Karras back view (complete rig) (bodice)

- Patrick front view (complete rig)

- Patrick side view (complete rig)

- Patrick 3/4 view (complete rig)

- Patrick back view (complete rig)

- bathroom (wall facing)

- bathroom (door facing)

- bathroom (mirror facing)

- nighttime street scene (one angle)

- Karras' arms

- unknown gang guy (no head necessary)

- van

- man's foot

- man's knee

- back of patron man (head and torso only)

- patron man face (front view)

- pump (shoe) (side view)

- miscellaneous prostitute (back, one angle)

- informant prostitute (knees and up, front & 3/4 view)

- Karras' foot going into heel

- Patrick's study

- bookshelf

- camera

- hand with boa

- heel

- groin shot (Patrick)

- Patrick's face (3/4)

- Patrick's eyes (content & shocked/scared)

- Patrick's shoulder

- razors

- blood

- Patrick's dead body

- envelope (back open and closed sealed front)


- mailbox

- outdoor post office front on sidewalk

- bathroom room space sound

- street sound

- quiet study background sound

- body hits

- heavy breathing sound

- clothes (getting dressed) sound

- car sound (parked and then driving off)

- slicing skin w/ razor sound

- mailbox opening and closing sound

- envelope opening and closing sound

Revised Calendar

September 21 - Storyboards completed and presented.

September 23 - Revise storyboards and work on animatic and asset creation.

September 28 - Continue to work on assets/animatic.

September 30 - Continue to work on assets/animatic.

October 5 - Revise assets that are unclear or ill-formed. Critique in class if possible.

October 7 - Finalize assets so that animation can begin.

October 12 - MIDTERM grading - Finish assets and begin staging in AE (i.e. set up scenes, "rig" objects and characters that utilize this function)

October 14 - MIDTERM grading - continue AE setup

October 19 - Fall Break

October 21 - Begin animation.

October 26 - Continue to animate.

October 28 - Check work thus far through critique if possible. First scene/part completion.

November 2 - Animate my ass off.

November 4 - Continue animation.

November 9 - Half the project should be complete at this point. Present for critique if at all possible and make necessary revisions.

November 11 - Continue last part of animation.

November 16 - Work more on animating.

November 18 - Revise and finalize in preparation for final.

November 23 - Finish animation. Project should be complete at this point. Present for critique.

November 25 - Thanksgiving Holiday

November 30 - Revise from critique and finalize.

December 2 - Revise from critique and polish it more.

December 7 - More revision and polishing to present for final.

December 9 - FINAL DUE

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Assignment due Tuesday 9/21

-complete storyboards
-revised calendar
-asset list (backgrounds, characters, props, sound, etc.) - go through storyboard and find each item that needs to be created to complete animation.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Still More Revisions - tightened narrative

Act 1
Cutting herself in bathroom with narration to introduce herself and inform the viewer of what happens to her during her abduction and slavery and how she knows who Patrick is. (We see her badly abused by her captors and brief imagery in montage fashion of her life being trafficked.)
She decides to run away and escapes, having to kill a guard to get out.

Act 2
(Resume scene of her in bathroom, we see door cracked open and she listens to girls outside talking.)
Karras overhears the girls talking and discovers the governor's fetish. (conveyed through brief imagery of the girls talking with narration.)
One of the girls refuses to service patrick because she thinks he's so sick. she walks in on karras (but thinks nothing of the situation of her hurting herself) and says "you want to do it right?", offering the job to her. karras obviously accepts. we see her preparing to leave by dressing into a fine business suit as she informs the viewer of her plan to not only take him out but to ruin his honor by making a public example of him.

Act 3
She arrives at patrick's condo and he tells her what he wants to do, his fetish for staging himself as a female prostitute and being beaten. she slyly agrees and as the scene progresses and they act out his fantasies we see a glint of a hidden camera lense. as they act out and patrick thinks karras is just doing what he wants, she takes it a step further and begins torturing him, revealing who she is and her motive, and finally kills him by slitting his throat with one of her razors.
Karras is seen mailing DVDs to an important newspaper, insulting his death after the fact.

Karras (revised facial/stylistic design)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Thursday - tighten and straighten up story, work on aesthetic
Tuesday - completed storyboards

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pitch (revised AGAIN)

Revisions should include - theme, story, character design, 3 act structure map

Theme(s) - ownership of your choices and your destiny, karma, take caution with who you share secrets with

3 Act Structure:

Act 1 - 1 minute, Act 2 - 3 minutes, Act 3 - 2 minutes

REMEMBER - There is narration so that we get to know everything we need to without having to see everything.

Act 1
Exposition - cutting herself in bathroom with narration to introduce her name, age, and pertinent information and inform the viewer of what happens to her during her abduction and slavery and how she knows who Patrick is.
Dramatic premise - story is about a kidnapped woman who decides to enact revenge on the ringleader behind the organization that did this to her.
Dramatic situation - her brain is now engrained with being a prostitute, so she feels she must take Patrick out in order to justify her choice of being a prostitute, that she does it without his influence.
Inciting Incident - She is badly abused by her captors.
Plot Point 1 - she decides to run away and escapes, having to kill a guard to get out. (takes OWNERSHIP and chooses to leave and do whatever it takes to get out)

Act 2
Obstacles - (introduced through narration, she is cutting herself while she recounts these), for a year, she's had to work her way up. she keeps getting passed up and doesn't gain an opportunity immediately to see patrick. (she OWNS her career "path" and sincerely tries to work her way up)
First Culmination - she gets her chance finally to see patrick.
Midpoint - when he introduces his fetish to her, she decides to act on this advantage and use it for more. (she CHOOSES to wait and get more out of her revenge.). His murder plot is that he likes to act out is him dressing as a prostitute and her brutalizing and "killing" him. She continues to see patrick and play along with his murder fetish whilst capturing it on hidden cameras each time she visits.

Act 3
Climax - on her final arrival, when patrick just wants to have sex first, karras gets angry and impatient and demands they stage his murder again. she finishes him off for good while informing him of her identity and motivation. (she CHOOSES to end him there and use his own murder plot to do it)
Denouement - karras is seen mailing DVDs to an important newspaper, insulting his death after the fact. (she OWNS ruining his memory)

The goal of the piece is intrinsically tied to the theme(s), informing the viewer to take control of their decisions and own the consequences. If one is careless with their choices, eventually karma will catch up with them. The experience should remind the viewer that while you cannot control everything, you must find a way to take advantage of what those situations hand you.


The cut on her face is symbolic of her reflection of herself. She views herself as scarred on the inside so she cuts herself to reflect it on the outside. Those particular scars though are from the part at the beginning when she's kidnapped. Her kidnappers deliver those blows to her. The cuts on her arms, legs, and stomach are due to her own actions.

Her weapon is her anonymity and her profession.

She willingly chooses to be a prostitute for multiple reasons - she knows this is THE way to get close to him, to work her way up to him. Psychologically, she cannot get out of this profession. She is trapped in it BUT she CHOOSES to work for someone versus working the street alone because she can work for a high-class brothel that will be her ticket to getting to Patrick. (She takes advantage of the "skill" she's learned and uses it as her weapon.)

She has two main outfits - when she's not working, she wears a tank top and exercise shorts, dressed down when she's at home. There's no reason for her to dress up. When she's at Patrick's place, she wears a business suit and ties her hair back tightly. She has to wear these clothes to get in without stirring suspicions. The condo is high class and only expects high class individuals.

Her appearance is never actually seen. She is conveyed through narration from Karras only. Her role is to get Karras a job with the governor.


Has a safe place (condo). Karras must dress high class to enter. She always enters wearing a business suit.

Patrick's Fetish:
An autassassinophiliac derives pleasure from planning or staging his or her own murder. It may seem like a strange thing to enjoy, but many people do strange things in an effort to draw attention to themselves. There are many conditions that involve people inflicting harm on themselves or threatening to do so to make others feel sorry for them and pay attention to them. Death by murder often gets more attention than other forms of death, so an autassassinophiliac probably likes to imagine how much of this attention their murder and death would get. It is a catch 22, however; being murdered would get them the attention they desire, but they wouldn't get to enjoy it. So this is why they simply like to plan and stage their murder and not actually go through with it."

His fantasy murder plot is that he poses as a female prostitute who is brutalized and then killed.