Thursday, March 31, 2011

Due Next Tuesday

- bring your DVD
- Press release
- invite copy
- program copy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Part B

Super Sally from Jessi on Vimeo.

Artist's Statement

Since childhood, I have surrounded myself with cartoons and movies, becoming well versed in modern animation and cinema. I find that I can never be serious or quiet when it comes to watching films and TV. I am in the habit of pointing out flaws and issues with realism and story. Yet, I use that as motivation and inspiration to create my own fantastical worlds and to correct those aspects that trouble me in others’ films and animations.

I use animation as my medium because of its simultaneous use in children’s and adult programming. Animation is the only suitable media for this piece because both the content and medium struggle to create a decisive separation between industry and the singular artist. Animation constantly fights to be seen as something other than purely children’s entertainment, to speak the same messages as other media in its own unique language. While this piece maintains a child-like simplicity and aesthetic, it communicates the lack of commercial animation; The unusual use of a singular individual, myself, as the sole creator is meant to cause the viewer to critique the industry and its excess as well as jab at traditional stereotypes of cinema such as female heroes, the damsel in distress, and monster movies.

Sally is the archetypal female heroine, fighting a monster and utilizing allies to save her city from certain destruction. She is active in finding her savior but does not pursue the traditional prince charming. Her unconventional protector pokes fun at the hero role. The finale alludes to the happily-ever-after ending, making a joke of the protagonists’ love story. With these elements combined, the conventional fairy tale is twisted into an oddity that breaks down established conventions of the genre. Animation allows a double narrative, one that suggests simple child’s play and one that is imbibed with social contemplation.

Part C

Super Sally, 2010-2011

Synopsis - Interrupted from her playtime by a monster destroying the city, Sally changes into a superhero, using her resources to try and fight the menace. When all else fails, she goes to the forest for a friend to help save the day.

Intent - I want the audience to see the archetypal super heroine in Sally. I want the audience to root for her but laugh at her mistakes and follies. I want the audience to grin and groan at the sappy, happily-ever-after ending.

Source of the main idea that you started with and its importance to you - I started with the main idea, originally, of a super hero or antihero. It's importance lies in the archetypes associated with the genre of super hero/action movies and monster movies. Almost everyone can identify with this type of hero because they have seen it all through out their lives and they can see themselves in the failures and successes, even if they are on a grander scale. The idea of a child fighting gives the viewer more to associate with because she doesn't rely on real powers but resources to accomplish her goals. And she has to ask for help when she needs it, something we all must do in life.

Theme - Mocking of the archetypal super heroine and monster movie

Strengths of the project - comedy, fast paced structure (short and sweet), obvious lack of big budget audio and design to comment on animation industry

Problem areas and “what I could do better, what I want to learn to do better.” - I would like to learn to do sound and voice better. The low fi was important to this piece but the physical moving of the mouth in After Effects is something I wish I knew how to do sooner. I'm glad that I've been taught this now but it was too late to apply it to the actual piece. But it is definitely something I will work on. Being afraid of speech is no excuse. I need to apply it to overcome it. I would also like to work on my fluidity of motion. I feel very juvenile in my walk cycles still.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Due 3/31

w/ demo reel as first play
w/ contact info
w/ final senior project

m4v version of demo reel, print portfolio *if you have it*, and resume


(not due thurs. but start thinking/working)
online presence
clean up communities/manage
make website/blog
upload videos on vimeo and embed in site

make a film festival screener dvd (should be done by thurs)
first play is film
contact info
digital press kit on rom portion


Wednesday, March 2, 2011