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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Progress 2/17

Super Sally

Demo Reel

Edited Calendar
February 21 - Revise and create pixel work.
February 22 - Critique.
February 23 - Revise and create pixel work. BFA Draft 1 of Artist's statement due.
February 24 - Critique.
February 25 - Edit sound for frames 50-60.
February 26 - Pixel animation tests.
February 27 - Pixel animation tests.
February 28 - Pixel animation tests.
March 1 - Critique.
March 2 - Revise pixel animation.
March 3 - Critique.
March 4 - Edit sound for frames 61-71.
March 5 - Animate for 1st scene division.
March 6 - Animate for 1st scene division.
March 7 - Animate for 1st scene division.
March 8 - Critique.
March 9 - Animate for 1st scene division. BFA Draft 2 of Artist's statement due.
March 10 - Critique.
March 11 - Edit sound for frames 72-82.
March 12 - Animate for 2nd scene division.
March 13 - Animate for 2nd scene division.
March 14 - Animate for 2nd scene division.
March 15 - Critique.
March 16 - Animate for 2nd scene division.
March 17 - Critique.
March 18 - Edit sound for frames 83-93.
March 19 - Edit sound for frames 94-Finish.
March 21 - Animate for 3rd scene division.
March 22 - Critique.
March 23 - Animate for 3rd scene division. Career Service Form due!
March 24 - Critique.
March 25 - Animate for 3rd scene division.
March 26 - Animate for 3rd scene division.
March 27 - Animate for 3rd scene division.
March 28 - Animate for 3rd scene division.
March 29 - Critique.
March 31 - It is due!
April 6 - Project due for BFA show!
April 7 to May 1 - Demo reel and portfolio work
April 29 - Career Fair
May 13 - Senior Digital Media Show
May 14 - Commencement
May 15 - Take work down from BFA show.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Progress 2/10

Progress 2/10

Goals for 2/10

- Cut out all scenes unnecessary in SS (aim for 2 mins 30 secs)
- pull back sound/push sound in areas discussed in critique

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goals for 2/7

- Reanimate portions of super sally
- Keep editing sally sounds
- Finish next floor level for factory

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2/3 Progress and Demo Reels

BFA Progress:
Sound edits
Files on server and on harddrive.

Demo Reels

This one caught my eye at first because I liked the graphics themselves. However, the groove is good in this.The pace is fun and fast moving to keep you interested. Nothing repeats but he connects the scenes well with good transitional smaller pieces. The music, I think, aids it and everything tends to follow the beat. The ending is abrupt but it's good that way.
This one is a good length to establish the idea of what kind of work this individual does without overwhelming you with too much. The transitions and pace are nice. You get a good idea that this person works on commercials and for big networks. It does a good job showing their professional work.
This is a 3D reel so it works a bit differently in the setup but it is very strong. It shows all the components an animation firm is looking for from polygons to walk cycles to different animation techniques and facial/speech techniques. It is long but it isn't unpleasant to watch. The opening is quite nice and it sets up for an action-packed demo reel. The music is nice and adds to its appeal.

I liked this one for the labeling features. A lot of these 3D demo reels benefit from having labels to the sections so the viewer understands what talent is being shown. Otherwise, it might have been confusing as to why each of these images existed in this section. In a way, it ties them all together. The music matches the first image and then transitions into a more modern song to join the rest. Also, it's a nice signifier of the artist himself.

This one isn't terrible. I think it could have benefitted from music based on the content within the reel and for the pacing's sake. The transitions are good in some places but are nonsensical in others (like the moon vs. the car back and forth transition). The opening is great and it shows a large breadth of work. I think it could have benefitted from being shorter, however.
It's obvious this animator relies a lot on speech to get across their talent. I'm not against this choice but I wish there was some underlying music or something to connect all the scenes. I think for a humorous twist, they could have taken bits and pieces from each animation and made a whole new dialogue that might have been quite hilarious.

This reel is quick and to the point. Because of this individual's talent, I would have liked to see more. The music doesn't really go with all the clips or the main mood of the reel. It needs more transitional elements because random things are squashed together.
I wasn't really feeling the music and it spends WAY too long on individual scenes, especially the first one. I felt like I watched a whole animation instead of a clip of the best moments. And in no way do I feel that entire scene captured the highlights. It easily could have been cut down to a 1/3 of the time. Transitions are virtually nonexistent and it seems a bit slammed together.
Barbie Girl was not a good choice of music, especially since the imagery did not match. The balls at the beginning were nothing compared to what comes later and should have been completely omitted. If the artist can make characters in combat, then I'm sure they can make a ball bounce and roll. The NAG appearing in the background was distracting and unnecessary.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goals for Thursday

- Rerecord sounds for SS
- finish factory level for abortion level

Due 2/7

- Have demo reel materials ready
- Have resume complete and printed
- Narrow down one to three jobs for writing a cover letter