Thursday, December 9, 2010


I edited the sound again after critique on Tuesday. After that, I made a DVD and put together my final portfolio and loaded it on the server. Alas, I cannot upload those files or put my DVD on blogger but you can enjoy them through the physical DVD that I will be handing in to you today and on the server.

Monday, December 6, 2010

After Effects Experiments - Rotobrush

I see the benefit in the rotobrush for sure. It's nice how it can find a figure so quickly. It definitely cuts the work out of rotoscoping. However, editing the details is still quite painstaking. I know I didn't get it 100% right but I blame that on the fact that it was a small figure, not well lit, not good quality of video, and not on a solid color background. The rotobrush should help with these things and it does to an extent. But I would still highly recommend having a green screen if you decide to do this.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lecture: Aric Mayer

I personally find US and world issues an interesting point to focus on so this was a pleasant (and I mean the knowledge gained, not the actual experience for the people) one to get to hear.

I was particularly intrigued with his display of the media in our modern culture and how they actually betray the truth. The media plays up everything to make it more interesting than it really is or is biased by their news agency and cover or uncover things depending on what political faction is backing them. It's embarrassing to those involved in disaster and dishonorable. Instead of helping the people involved in the wake of Katrina, the media exploited their situation for ratings and posterity. In all honesty, this reminds me of a Foamy episode where he complains of the same thing. He states to "put down your cameras and help these people!" Indeed, that is something I can agree with. This is not documentation. This is exploitation. There is an explicit difference and the media had decided to side with ratings before people.

I liked this lecture but certainly depresses you when you think about reading or watching news. You can't take it for fact or at face value. You have to question every word and image presented to you. And that is SAD.

Lecture: Polly Apfelbaum

I'm finally getting this up online. I had to watch these in the library because of my wonderful, crazy life and taking care of every family member besides myself!

Anyway, on topic! The strongest thing that I gathered from her was the way she wrapped and warped everything she said in strange directions and shapes. I mean that metaphorically of course but it was odd how she was constantly contradictory of her process and display practices. Her work came off the same way in my opinion. I disliked her idea that her work was entirely open to interpretation. I think she needs more focus than that. I personally find it a cheap cop-out to say that your work can mean anything. However, her pieces made me feel good when looking at them with the color and styling choices.

I thought she was an enigmatic person overall. I think if I had more time to tap into her thought process some of this would make more sense but overall I enjoyed what she had to show. I was pleasantly surprised by her work.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sound Edits

Complete re-recording and sound design/overhaul.